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What flower (part 3)?

I need some help with another one. Once again, this was found in the Dominican Republic and I can't find a match online.

Thanks again!

What flower (part 3)?
Reply:looks like anemone.
Reply:Could be cosmos.

How or where can I identify a unique flowered plant that was found growing wild in woods behind my home?

Has 2 big oval shaped green leaves at bottom of plant. A green stem approx.10-12" comes up out of this. At top of stem is the unusal looking pink flower. It droops down, kinda like a foxglove or lenden rose grows.Has 1-2 very small green leaves at its base. Flower part is shaped sorta like a cornucopia with a small opening buried right in its center. It is pink, with deeper pink, or even purplish distinct viens within the petal. Appears to be only made up of 1 petal that is folded in on itself. There are about 10-12 growing all in same area of deep woods. Some appear to be growing in a line of about 4-5. One other detail about the flower area; In between the actual flower and small green leaves' on both sides tucked up in there, appears to be a white berry, reminds me of a miseltoe berry. Can't locate anyone or any source who can definately tell me what this is. I have not ever seen a flower like this before, it is very different looking. I want to try and transplant a few to my yard.

How or where can I identify a unique flowered plant that was found growing wild in woods behind my home?
Contact your university extension office nearest you or the Dept. of Natural R esources, Or your Conservation Office. Try to get a pic to put online I would like to see it
Reply:There still isn't enough information in your question for me to make a positive identification on the plant. Never less I would like to comment about your plans on digging it and transplanting to your yard.Digging wildflowers often contributes more to their destruction than conservation. Please "love 'em and leave 'em. Many states have laws on picking or digging wildflowers on both private and/or state land. Few wildflowers survive transplanting and many others are sacrificed for the ones that do survive. Nature grows these natural gardens so that we may enjoy them not destroy them.
Reply:most botanical gardens have an email address to ask questions it usually takes three days to get an answer just look up the garden in your state and at the top of the page you will see email just click on that and your on your way to professional answers
Reply:Pitcher plant?

rain roots

What flowers have both male and female parts?

what flowers would have both male and female reproductive parts?

What flowers have both male and female parts?
Perfect flowers have both pistillate (female) AND staminate (male) parts. Complete flowers have both sepals and petals as well as pistils and stamens.
Reply:Bisexual flowers like hibiscus have male and female reproductive parts.
Reply:Hi All of them.
Reply:All the ones classified as "angiosperms". Which I think is ALL flowering plants...

Which part of the hibiscus flower is the seed?

As the flowers die, do not cut them off. The seed is at the base of each flower. The flower will fall off the stem and you will see a small green ball. These will grow bigger and turn black/brown with the seeds inside. At this point, the seeds have dried. You can now cut off the pods with the seeds inside.

(Be sure to soak them a couple of days before planting.)

During the seed making time, be sure to keep you hibiscus watered. It still needs plenty of water.

Which part of the hibiscus flower is the seed?
On hibiscus you are better off doing "hard cuttings" ...I lived in the Florida Keys 6 years and turned one hibiscus tree into 12..simply cut at an angle some of the fresher greener looking new growth on them, stalks about 8 to 10 inches long, dip them in "root stimulator" available at any garden center, wal mart, home depot etc.....Then plant them in the soil..straight to where you want to plant them...they will grow..pull the leaves off except top 2 or 3 sets on these cuttings....You can do a Water propogation as well if you like..heres a link on it

Can you plant a flower from a bouquet and cause more to grow?

I know it sounds stupid, but i was wondering if you planted roses, like just the bottow part where the stem is, more would grow. I am sure the answer is no, but hoping it is yes.

Can you plant a flower from a bouquet and cause more to grow?
It is not easy to do and it depends on a lot of factors. When you get roses in a bouquet they are normally cut too short to root. You need a stem with leaves on it, at least.

Rooting hardwood cuttings (which is what you are trying to do) needs practice and time. You will need rooting compound, peat, a pot, and a plastic bag. See the instructions on this web site.
Reply:You might root it but you will have to cut the flower off and put the stem into a jar of water. Put some foil over the top and suspend the stem in the foil if possible to keep the stem off of the bottom of the jar to allow the stem to grow. This would take some time but it very well could work. I don't take it that you have a woody stem but rooting it may be more effective in a pot of often-watered sand.
Reply:You can try a product called Root Tone; it is used to help enable a clipping to grow roots. Also, there is a product called Take Root, they both have the same purpose, and it appears that Rose growers have successfully used them.

Search for those products and you can get more specific info, or go to a local nursery and ask about them.
Reply:no. actually for some yes. it is not stupid becuase flowers such as hibiscus will grow back. as long as the hibiscus has a woody stem all you need to do it put it in water and wait for it to root.

What do you think about a flower or starish design on the top of my foot on the low part?

If that is what you want on your foot, then get it. Now remember that you will need to not wear a shoe for a few days after. Sandals only.

Why do you need our opinon anyway. Tattoos are a personal thing and should be done because you want them. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one.

Enjoy your new tattoo.

What do you think about a flower or starish design on the top of my foot on the low part?
That sounds real cute! Let me just warn you, foot tattoos hurt a lot, I have one on each foot, and they were really painful!
Reply:that'd be cute maybe cherry blossoms with whatever color flower.
Reply:cut if thats what ur in to. and simple. its a nice chose for some people. but its ur body do what u want to with it if thats what u want ans thats what u like tell the world to kiss urs. and do what makes u happy jsut not something wrong like kill or steel
Reply:foot tattoos are great! i have one foot completely tattooed (not my toes or the bottom of the foot though).... make sure you take REALLY good care of it in healing-- because they get a lot of friction from socks and shoes, and the kind of skin on your feet, they often age pretty badly. Make sure you keep it moisturized and put sunscreen on it anytime you were sandals and it will hold up ok! Enjoy it!
Reply:Get whatever you like not what everyone else likes....c'mon your smarter than that
Reply:Depending on the design of the flower or star.
Reply:I think either one would look cool , go for it !
Reply:very cute...if i ever got a tattoo it would be on my foot
Reply:I like tattoos by the ankle a lot... if its something small like a flower or star thats kool... (tribal star or sun!)
Reply:that would look very sexy,but 2 many tattoes dont look very nice!stick 2 just 1 or 2!!
Reply:Thats would be look preety, charming and calm. this from my observe to my customers.
Reply:If thats' what you want, then go for it.
Reply:i love foot tattoos!! i have a big butterfly covering my left foot and i get comments on it all the time. i will say thought that particular one hurt worst than any of my others. its definitely a painful experience, but i guess thats the price you pay to get inked.

Why do hotels always use white towels

In what part of a dicots flower are seeds produced?

thanks in advance

In what part of a dicots flower are seeds produced?
Seeds develop from fertilized ovules, which are housed inside the carpel.
Reply:The ovary. Seeds always develop from ovules inside the ovary. Different fruits often have different parts that you will eat (mesocarp, receptacle, etc.), but the seeds are made in the ovaries.