Thursday, May 20, 2010

What part of dill do I harvest to make pickles?

I have some dill plants growing to use in making dill pickles, but I'm not sure what part to use. They are starting to flower, and my pickling cucumbers are nowhere near ready. Do I harvest the leaves and save them? Use the flowers? Wait until it goes to seed and use the seeds?

What part of dill do I harvest to make pickles?
You can use the flower and the leaves.. it's all dill.

Yum.. homeade dills.. sounds good!
Reply:The seed for pickles, the seed has a more flavorful bitter flavor then the leaves.

The leaves are softer taste and I am not sure if you could get the taste out of them as well as the seeds. .

So wanting more of the bold flavor. I suggest the seeds, they are more often used in pickling.
Reply:You let them go to seed, and use the mature seed heads. Anything else you throw in helps, too.

Just throw the whole seed head in. No need to do anything else. I use stems, leaves, etc.

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